Securus Technologies Advances Powerful Technology to Eliminate Illegal Cellphones from Prisons

Securus Technologies is considered to be the leader of innovative technology to enhance security at correctional institutions. Included in its technological solutions is its Wireless Containment Systems. WCS is designed to eliminate illegal cellphones from correctional facilities.


At this juncture in time, illegal cellphones among inmates is a major security risk. Securus Technologies reports that over the course of one year, the company prevented 1.7 illegal inmate communications. What is even more startling about the report from Securus Technologies is that this volume of illegal inmate communications occurred at only eight institutions. There are thousands of different types of correctional institutions in the United States, on the federal, state, and local level.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. The company currently provides its services, solutions, and products to over 3,400 law enforcement as well as correctional agencies in North America. The number of agencies served by Securus Technologies is anticipated to continue to increase markedly over the course of the coming several years. Presently, 1.2 million incarcerated people are at institutions where Securus Technologies provides its services and products.


Securus Technologies is not alone in its efforts to eliminate illicit cellphones from correctional facilities in the United States. A former correctional officer named Robert Johnson has been hard on the trail to get illegal cellphones eliminated from correctional institutions.


Johnson’s own story illustrates how illegal cellphones in correctional facilities provides not only a threat to institutional security, but also to public safety. While working as a Florida correctional officer, Johnson came upon a box containing contraband. The contraband in the box was estimated to be worth about $50,000 and was being smuggled in to the correctional facility where he worked.


When Johnson foiled the attempt to bring contraband into the institution, the inmate behind the scheme decided to take action himself against Johnson. The inmate had his own illegal cellphone.


The inmate telephoned a criminal colleague on the outside. He arranged with the associate to kill correctional officer Johnson.


Following the inmate’s orders, the associate broke into Johnson’s home in the early morning hours. The associate shot John, striking him many times. Doctors believed that Johnson would not survive the attack, but he did. When Johnson recovered, he began his quest to eliminate cellphones from correctional institutions.


Johnson makes it clear that the attack on his life was not an isolated occurrence. Each year, a considerable number of criminal activities are undertaken by inmates that are using illegal cellphones from correctional facilities. These crimes include everything from drug activities to murders. A great many of these criminal endeavors involve cellphones that connect gang members who are incarcerated with fellow gang members who are out and about in the real world.