Richard Mishaan: Successful Interior Design Specialist:

Richard Mishaan is a well known interior designer based out of Manhattan New York. Richard Mishaan’s design studio is located on Hudson Street in New York city. He specializes in Interior Design and Landscape Architecture. Richard Mishaan is considered a leader in Interior Design.


Mishaan’s firm has been has been designing creative artistic interiors for over two decades. The majority of clientele consists of Commercial, Residential as well as clients within the Hospitality industry.


Richard Mishaan has also written books which outline his skill as well as interests. Mishaan’s two books “Modern Luxury” and “Artfully Modern” were on the best seller list for a time and the books are still quite popular.


Richard Mishaan Design studio has a variety of art collectibles, distinctive lighting as well as accessories. Richard Misshaan believes in creating synergy between collectible pieces. In addition, Mishaan says that some collectible pieces give off a certain energy and texture that can turn a plain room into a regular showpiece. Certain collectable items can make a room or environment quite exciting.


Richard Mishaan graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. In addition, Mishaan attended Columbia University School of Architecture. His education as well as family roots give Richard Mishaan a special talent for interior design as well as creativity. Mishaan’s creative talent has served him quite well throughout his career.


Mr. Mishaan has a philosophy about decorating. Mishaan has made it quite clear that you do not have to spend a fortune to decorate or redecorate the interior of a home or office. For example, a room or rooms can be furnished gradually rather than all at one time. In addition, it is important that window dressings, carpeting and wall decor give a room a certain warmth and ambiance. Therefore, specific colors such as yellow, blue and green give a room a real flare and sense of style.


Richard Mishaam has an large New York clientele. Mishaan has done interior design work for celebrities and other well known figures. It seems New York is prime location for an interior design business. Additional information about Richard Mishaan as well as his services can be obtained by viewing his web site at