Richard Blair: Enhancing Lives in Austin, Texas

Wealth Solutions was founded on basis of service to the community. The founder, Richard Blair is focused on helping clients of the company to grow and effectively manage their finances. Besides, the company strives to empower clients on protection of their acquired wealth and financial resources. Richard Blair not only holds certifications in financial management, but he is also experienced in the field thus the consistent growth of the financial firm. The Investment Advisory firm is registered by regulatory authorities in Austin, Texas. According to Richard Blair, every individual can create and manage wealth. He believes there are different strategies for different people to achieve financial freedom. Blair’s commitment and willingness to help led to the establishment of the advisory firm that has significant impacts on the people in Austin. Besides, the firm helps with retirement planning.

Wealth Solutions tailors specific plans for individuals and groups basing on three pillars. First, the professionals in the company analyze a client’s roadmap hence establish strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of an individual. Background information on a client is vital in developing a financial plan.

Secondly, the firm customizes the plan to fit a client’s investment needs and goals. Wealth Solutions takes full management of assets to ensure optimum performance when the market is suitable and minimize risks during unsuitable market conditions. The third pillar of the company is insurance of a client. Richard and his team at Wealth Solutions ensure a client is subscribed to suitable life insurance policies.

Richard Blair joined the financial industry in 1993 immediately after graduating from college. He has a wide base of knowledge in finance. Some of his certifications include; CFS, CES, CAS, and RICP. One year after working in the industry, he founded an independent financial firm. Blair is driven by empathy. The decision to establish a financial advisory firm is out of the need to help families, business owners, and individuals.

Both of Blair’s parents were teachers. This attributes to his attraction to imparting knowledge. Blair believes knowledge is a path to freedom and confidence. Richard Blair also has a natural skill in finance management hence the decision to pursue the field in college. A combination of gift in financial management and environment that influenced his perspective of education attribute to the positive impact of the Austin, Texas-based firm.

Richard Blair later ventured into retirement planning. He has continually helped clients in the community stabilize their wealth and retire at ease. Blair’s fulfillment is in comfortable and successful retirement of his clients.


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