Party Planning Tips That Goes a Long Way

A recent article on was written concerning some party planner secrets in creating a stress-free party. Some tips were provided where you can host like a pro effortlessly where even event planning companies in NYC will be envious. These tips are as follows:

  1. Simple Planning– starting way ahead of the even and being organized go a long way. You can even download and print out a checklist detailing the party planning activities.
  2. Get Organized– keeping several lists and always updating them are very vital. Different lists could be an all-important guest list, supply list, shopping list, and more
  3. Produce a Theme– setting a theme will make the event even more festive.
  4. Send Invites– even though online invitations are great for last minute invitations, mailing them is still essential.
  5. Provide a self-serve bar– with a few liquors, a decanter, a pretty tray, and few festive mixers, guests can create their own concoctions.
  6. Make a Specialty Concoction– making at least one specialty cocktail with creative garnishes or a chick glass can create a lasting impression among guests.
  7. Keeping Appetizers Simple– dinner can be served by the bite with tasty hors-d’oeuvres. With this informal approach, guests can sample different flavors and mingle more with other guests. The key is to whip up quick appetizers with ready-made ingredients from the market.
  8. Setting Up a Table for Children– a separate table for kids with butcher paper, colored pencils, bamboo plates, and a cupcake centerpiece are great examples.
  9. Keeping Settings Simple– having a perfect setting doesn’t have to be complicated. You can use pretty fabric or ribbon to tie flatware, for instance. Other examples could be using snowy white votives for a wintry setting with bare branches. You can even use vibrant-looking napkins for a splash of color.
  10. Staying Relaxed– maintaining a relaxed attitude set a great tone for the event. So, take an hour or so to relax before the guests arrive.
  11. Remember the Favors– using a small token of affection is need for an unforgettable, celebration end.

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