Obsidian Energy – New Name and Leader

Obsidian Energy Ltd is the current name of the famous Canadian corporation of Penn West Petroleum Ltd as the company changed is name and branding in July 2017. The firm is an excavator and provider of oil and natural gas based in Calgary Alberta since its conception back in 1979. There are currently three hundred employees.


Over the years, the corporation has had some ups and downs. One of the most active periods for Obsidian Energy was in January 2008. Obsidian achieved a profit of almost 9 and a half billion. A few years later, however, in 2014, Obsidian Energy had a hard time due to the decreased prices of crude oil. The company survived, nonetheless, and even though it had to continuously sell its assets, Obsidian Energy is now back on track under its new name and leader.


The business of Obsidian Energy is led mt Mr. David French in his role of President and CEO. Mr. David French became an integral part of the Canadian corporation several years ago providing his skills in leadership. Mr. David French has previously served in the oil and gas sector as the President and CEO of the company Bankers Petroleum Ltd which is a publicly traded firm also based in Calgary, Alberta that operates in Southwestern Europe. Mr. David French achieved the successful growth of the corporation.


Over the course of his business career, Mr. David French worked with many reservoir rocks types as well as primary through tertiary development in Canada, 48 of the United States, and several countries in Europe. Click Here for Related information.



Before he started working at Bankers Petroleum Ltd, Mr. David French was a part of the Apache Corporation. He was responsible for several executive positions and served as Regional Production Manager for the company, and later as Global Vice President of Business Development.


Mr. David French has served at McKinsey and Company earlier in his career. He started off his professional path as an energy consultant.


Regarding education, Mr. David L. French attended the Rice University and had a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Later h studied Business at the renowned Harvard School of Business, graduated with an MBA.


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