How Securus Technologies Increases Safety in a Prison

The number one responsibility me and my fellow officers have working in the state prison is safety. We have to make sure we have each other’s back, we have to make sure all guests are completely safe, and we have to protect inmates from one another. This is just a part of our responsibilities, and more challenging than you might imagine considering all the outside forces working against us.


If inmates can get contraband smuggled to them at the visitor center, they now can introduce it to the inmate population and increase the likelihood of violence occurring. Weapons made and hidden in the yard can be used to attack inmates or officers, and could happen at any second of any day. Trying to monitor thousands of inmates who are inside the jail 24 hours a day is a real challenge when you only have a few dozen officers who are barely in the jail a third of the time of inmates.


Securus Technologies has leveled the playing field for officers by giving us the unique opportunity to be in two places at the same time now. Their inmate telephone monitoring system doesn’t need officers on the line like the old days, today the LBS software will scan every second of every call for verbiage regarding fighting, gangs, contraband, weapons, or drugs. If detected, officers get an alert and we spring to action.


Securus Technologies has been helping thousands of jails around the country to tighten up security and make their facilities safer. CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, has 1,000 employees dedicated to the mission statement of the company, making our world safer. Now if inmates are begging family to bring drugs, cellphones, or weapons to the jail, we can intercept the transfer and get back a degree of control in this prison.