Gregory Aziz: A True National Treasure

In its heyday, National Steel Car was considered a true national treasure. Born during a time when the railroad industry was king, it had the makings of a giant. It became well known for its rolling stock shipped all over Canada and the United States. Up until the onset of the Great Depression, National Steel Car enjoyed a very lucrative career as a railcar manufacturer and engineering company. Their products were good, and their prices were better. With the Great Depression came adaptation. The leaders knew that they would have to do something different to survive. They started taking orders for bus bodies and boat shells to fill orders and keep the company afloat. After the Great Depression, the company stabilized and continued to grow going into World War II. The national treasure was sparkling once again.


Over the years, National Steel Car changed hands a few times until it ended up in the care of the Dofasco company in 1962. Even though it was largely stable when they purchased it, the company started a very slow decline and by 1992 the Dofasco company was looking to sell, this is when Gregory Aziz came onto the scene. Greg Aziz held a degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario and had 16 years of business knowledge under his belt. He wanted National Steel Car because of its history, but also because of its potential.

One of the first things that Aziz did when taking over National Steel Car, was inspect the business plan. He noticed that while National Steel Car had a very good reputation, the concentration on quality products was not necessarily there in the work they were doing. He set his eyes on the ISO 900I: 2008 certification and the TTX SECO prize for highest quality. These were both very important to him because they denoted a manufacturer that was willing to go beyond typical industry standards. In just two years Aziz had the SECO award and by 1999 he held the coveted certification. National Steel Car has consecutively held both honors since then. See This Page to learn more.



While National Steel Car may have been considered a national treasure when it was first created, it is an International treasure today. With all the work that Aziz has put into the company, National Steel Car is considered one of the world’s top manufacturers in its field. Truly, Gregory J Aziz is the national treasure.

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