Conor Lamb Defeated Rick Saccone With Help From End Citizens United

The 2018 midterm elections are crucial to overturning the disastrous 2010 Supreme Court Citizens United decision that has allowed moneyed interests to invade our politics.

That’s why the End Citizens United political action committee has dedicated its grassroots efforts to supporting pro-campaign finance reform candidates like Conor Lamb in the recent 18th District Pennsylvania race.

The group purchased $250,000 worth of advertising for Conor Lamb in the lead-up to Election Day with the goal of educating the general public on Republican Rick Saccone’s voting record and just how frequently Saccone put his own interests and those of his donors above those he should have been representing. One specific ad highlighted how Saccone pledged not to take legislative perks when he got into office but accepted them immediately upon being elected. Additionally, a report revealed that Saccone may have spent $435,000 from an expense account funded by taxpayers.

Conor Lamb handily won the typically Republican district thanks to these ads highlighting Saccone’s misdeeds, as it highlights just how much “Big Money 20” has become a pervasive presence in American politics. Lamb has pledged not to take any money from corporate PACs, so it’s natural that End Citizens United would endorse his candidacy. The organization was created in 2015 by Tiffany Muller and is dedicated to ending the Citizens United decision which has allowed unlimited money into politics with absolutely no transparency.

Despite being a PAC itself, End Citizens United practices what they preach as they’ve kept up-to-date filings with the Federal Election Commission and refuse to accept any donations larger than $5,000. In fact, during the 2016 elections, the average donation from its more than 3 million members was only $14. Grassroots efforts to change politics do work and Conor Lamb’s victory in Pennsylvania is proof that these efforts should only be accelerated across the nation. That’s why End Citizens United is hoping to raise over $35 million to help other candidates across the country.

End Citizens United is targeting over 20 Republican representatives that have repeatedly aligned themselves with their donors over their constituents. The PAC has endorsed Beto O’Rourke as a challenger to Ted Cruz in Texas, Jacky Rosen as a challenger to Dean Heller in Nevada, and Randy Bryce as a challenger to Paul Ryan in Wisconsin. The Big Money 20 list gives just a short laundry list of the way these Republican representatives have favored those with money over those they represent and End Citizens United is dedicated to their removal from office.