Bob Reina Shares Knowledge with MarTech Advisor

Talk Fusion has been the talk of the town for the better part of the past decade, as long as you are talking about the video marketing world. CEO Bob Reina decided to go all in on a concept that he dreamed would be an effective one: embracing video marketing back when it was still largely an untested market. Reina saw the opportunity that was present and knew that one day businesses would be working almost completely in a digital fashion. This was a smart bet and it has been paying off ever since. Reina has never been one to shy away from press and he is always open to share his process and that is what brought Reina to work alongside the MarTech Advisor for a new column.


The MarTech Advisor is a publication that reaches over 1 million readers all around the globe. Readers who open the MarTech Advisor are interested in technology, entrepreneur work, and the digital workspace. Reina decided to come in and write up a new piece titled, “Video Marketing Trends of 2017.” Video marketing is obviously on the top of Reina’s mind on most days and his insight is something that almost every digital focused entrepreneur can profit from. Reina says that he returned to write this latest piece for the MarTech Advisor, “So readers can capitalize on this massive trend in 2017 and beyond.” Learn more:


To talk to Bob Reina about video marketing would be to embrace someone who is absolutely at the top of their game. Talk Fusion came about because of Reina’s foresight into the marketplace but it has continued to succeed thanks to his passion and knowledge for the industry. Reina is all over the internet with information as he has penned articles for The Huffington Post as well as his work with the MarTech Advisor. Reina’s latest work on the Huffington Post can be found under the title: “Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits“. Reina and Talk Fusion will continue to grow alongside one another and digital entrepreneurs would do well to start paying attention to their high quality work.