Betsy DeVos’ Driven Personality at Work in Washington

When President Trump put the final note on the rescinding federal policy that allowed transgender students to use the bathroom in school that matches their gender identity, Betsy DeVos made quite the move. She conducted a meeting with a representative of the gay and transgender employees that work at the Education Department in an attempt to warn them of the changing federal policy.



One of the aids assured the employees that DeVos made every move possible to resist the change, but she made no outward sign that there had been any rift in the midst of the Trump administration. In fact, she joined in the new announcement of the policy, and she made mention later that the earlier guidelines put in place by the federal government were an example of the Obama administration’s overreaching actions.



People have been watching Betsy DeVos for years as she has been a leading advocate for the charter schools and the school vouchers. She has been a major donor for Republicans and a former member of the Michigan Republican Party, but many people are warning against considering her to be a meek team player. She might seem gracious on the outside, but when she is put in the face of setbacks, she knows how to handle herself. She has a driven and relentless attitude, making her a fighter for effective political policies. Betsy has used her family’s fortune to help gain allies and punish the foes. Throughout the years, she has been working behind the scenes to unseat any lawmakers who might oppose her and to pass the legislation.



DeVos even instilled a sense of fear into many of the people in her home state of Michigan. She sets her mind to something and works for her goals no matter what they are. She had little experience inside the government, and she has had a little history with the current President. When she arrived, DeVos took over the department that mostly vacant upper ranks. The initial argument over the transgender bathroom issues put her at a huge disadvantage with the Attorney General, who was a former senator with a lot of experience in Washington and years of connections that have had President Trump’s ear.



People, both critics, and admirers know that they can expect her to learn her way around, build ties and relationships, and get what she wants. No one should ever underestimate her in anything that she does. While she might come across as a plain spoke or personable person, she is rather dangerous and strong. Learn more:



Betsy DeVos is only 59 years old, and she grew up in Holland, Michigan. For a time, she worked at her father’s auto parts company, which was founded into a billion-dollar business opportunity. Her brother founded his firm, and her husband is from a wealthy family as well. Though she has been working for years to achieve her goals, she is still working to help push the traditional public schools to these new charter schools, which need public money from private groups. Mrs. DeVos is also supporting schools that are run by for-profit schools.